Fish Flingers

20-April 2013 - Hi Guys, I am sorry for the internal server error messages you would have been receving over the last couple of weeks. After several replies and issuing support tickets I have decided to change providers. Hopefully no more errors! Cya all flinging. i53.

Please enter your hints into the table below, then press Compile to compile them, alternatively use the Precompiler before the game begins to eliminate tackle options based on hints.
To learn how to play Fish Flingers or to learn how to understand the hints view the Fish Flingers Guide

Finally, I am still working on improving the compiler, if you have any feedback or find the tool useful  please email me

Species Habitat Bait Hook Dist

Order by Route

13 April 2013 - Extended Sort by Route Features.
9 April 2013 - Made some improvements based on feeback.
- Option to order by route once all combinations are found.
- Option to display hints and 100% list as plain text.

Hope you find the tool useful, cya all flinging, i53.